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PEC is a leading International Manufacturing Distributor of  lowest cost of ownership products for the Environmental Water & Wastewater Treatment Industry. 

Our integral, survivable, hurricane proven, self-contained, solar aerator models, are designed for use in storm water basins, aquaculture, golf water, landfills, lagoon sewage treatment, greywater recycling, and many other water management applications.  Since 2001, our units have continued to operate 24/7, under all weather conditions, including Minnesota and Ontario winters and several Florida hurricanes that destroyed side-by-side high profile pole mounted solar panel aerators and windmill aerators.
We have user installed systems, approved by the EPA as meeting ARRA Made in USA Certification Standards, in storm water retention basins, impoundment basins, and municipal wastewater lagoons.  We  have installations of these types of systems on several Platinum LEED Certified water quality improvement facilities in MO., TX., FL, & PA.  See "Awards & Friends" here for more installations.

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Business Philosophy

Customer Centered Focus  to provide...

  • Customers with consistently superior service and quality products.
  • Employees with a team environment which values and rewards their contributions and encourages professional growth and advancement.
  • Service Partners and Vendors with a mutually profitable and dependable business relationship.


Rod Pennington, President, BS U.I.U., Fayette, IA., 30 years of Environmental Management experience with BSP Envirotech Industrial Wastewater Equipment Manufacturing ,  M&E Civil Engineering Operations Management Services, and Aeration Industries International.

Roderick Janes Pennington
Pennington Equipment Company, Inc.
1520 N. 6th Street

Jon Pennington, Technical Marketing Director,  BA U.I.S., Springfield, IL.  10 years of Marketing & Communications experience with ADM, SPARC, and MHC IT Services.

Dick Pennington, Director of Communications, Springfield, IL.  


Founded by R. J. Pennington in 1951, PEC has designed, developed,  and manufactured, Air/Water/Soil Environmental products equipment since 1951.

In 2001 PEC provided more than 100 solar powered aeration and bubbler deicing systems across the USA.

In 2002-2004  PEC provided more than 150 solar powered aerators to the USDA, DOI US Fish and Wildlife, and Ducks Unlimited customers worldwide.

In 2005 PEC introduced its solar powered, low flow, high pressure septic tank aeration aerators for enhancing the service life of existing systems worldwide.

In 2007  PEC provided more than 300 solar systems and dozens of solar aerators to OSU, Texas A&M, and others developing algae biofuel projects.

In 2008 the Florida Miccosukee Indian Tribes of the northern everglades purchased many different solar powered and wind powered aeration systems to establish  survivable pockets of dissolved oxygen in a 6.5 acre lake.  Only the PEC units survived all 3 hurricanes that year and continue today.

In 2009 PEC introduced its G2V-STAR series floating aerators and provided these solar powered aeration systems for 4 major Zoo's across the USA and Canada.

In 2010 PEC expanded its G2V-STAR series with high pressure deep water  units to add to more than 1000 installed Solar Aeration Systems including 2 Platinum LEED Certified installations in Landfill Leachate and Stormwater Management Programs. 

In 2011 PEC installed its first 100% Made in the USA solar powered aerator to achieve EPA approved ARRA Certificates of Compliance with the Buy American Requirement.    In addition we provided more than 200 solar aerators worldwide in aquaculture, mosquito abatement, and bio-fuel development programs as well as developing, testing, and installing floating deck mounts for all EKBS Solar Aerator designs. 

In 2012 PEC continues sustainable aeration innovation that began with the onsite replacement of grid powered paddlewheels and now has developed into our floating deck mounted Eco-Aerators which directly  emulate and provide the same operational characteristics as developed by biologists at the USDA Inks Dam National Fish Hatchery. 

In 2013 PEC introduced its development of a unique floating low cost EKBS-12  solar powered  aquaponics aerator in conjunction with the Manzo  Reconciliation Ecology Aquaponics  project in Tucson.  Two of our EKBS-10 units are working with the USDA to protect wildlife at the Pacific Midway Atol and 3 G2V-STAR units are working at the US Army Corp. Environmental Restoration Project in Alb., NM.  Our G2V-STAR's are exploding across the USA improving water quality in coal power plants flyash-ponds, golf-water ponds, and as recirculating airlift aerators for artificial floating island wetland applications.  

By 2014 PEC will have developed, designed, and distributed more than six
thousand user installed solar aeration systems worldwide. 


Our mission is the manufacture and distribution of reconciliation ecology technology equipment..



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